About Us

We are Real Estate Consultants that specialize in providing creative solutions for homeowners with troublesome houses.

At TMG E-Vestments it is our mission to provide value by educating our community about the options available when it comes to buying and selling a property! Don’t sell yourself short!

We know you’re overwhelmed with life in general and to be receiving multiple calls, texts, mailers, door knockers, etc hounding you to sell your home is just flat-out annoying! This is why at TMG E-Vestments we don’t work that way. 

We provide resources and education for homeowners and people interested in buying. We educate you on your options, walk you through the options, help you evaluate the situation, and provide resources to assist in your decision-making process. 

We may not be a buyer for you but our #1 priority is providing solutions for buyers and sellers. 

If we end up being a buyer for you then we’ve made a friend for life. If not we’ve educated you on your options and made you savvier when another buyer comes along.

We Buy Houses In Any Condition – Sell Your San Antonio Property Fast. Get All Cash Offer By The Next Business Day or A full Retail offer if you’re open to terms!

Are You A Distressed Property Owner Who…

  • Has little or no equity and needs to sell without paying high Real Estate commissions and fees?
  • Needs to relocate and sell your home fast?
  • Wants to sell a house needing work that you can’t afford to repair?
  • Needs to settle an estate or sell an inherited property?
  • Wants to escape a looming foreclosure?
  • Needs to sell a rental property leased to bad tenants?
  • Wants to rid yourself of a vacant property you can no longer manage or make payments on?
  • Needs to sell your home due to divorce?
  • Wants to get out of an upside-down mortgage?
  • We offer solutions for Any Property, Any Situation in any City!

Buying a home is a dream to so many, but sometimes getting qualified can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be!

With TMG E-Vestments we are the key to Homeownership! 

Did you know you can Lease to Own your new home? TMG E-Vestments helps families achieve homeownership through our Lease to Own Program. Specializing in helping families with questionable credit, lack of money for a downpayment, or other reasons they cannot go out and get a loan to purchase a property.

Our Lease To Own Program isn’t for everyone.

However, our program is for those who are tired of paying rent for an apartment or property you will never own.

People who need to repair their credit or collect enough proof of income to get qualified for a loan.

Our program allows you to lease a property you’d eventually like to buy with the option to buy.

With the option fee, you are able to lock in the price now, while living in the home you will eventually purchase!

There is no obligation to buy if the market dips, or if your situation changes, or if you end up relocating somewhere else.

However, if the value increases during your lease term you’re walking into instant equity because you’re buying at a predetermined locked-in rate!

We are Real Estate Consultants and Creative Financing Specialist.

We provide solutions to buyers and sellers alike.

Simply by providing resources and education showing you the way to selling your home with ease. No money out of pocket, no commission, no concessions, and no BS. 

We provide resources to buyers who can’t qualify for a traditional mortgage and show you the way to homeownership. 

We offer solutions when everyone else is just looking out for themselves we’re looking out for you! 

No pressure, just solutions! 

We are TMG E-Vestments.